Monday, 30 January 2012

SPOTLIGHT: NYC Nail Polish/ Sally Hansen Miracle Cure

As you can tell from my last post, I have just removed my acrylics :( so my natural nails will be weaker than ever :'(. I've had problems with peeling and breaking of my natural nails basically since I've first had a job. I've found a really good solution to this is Sally Hansen Miracle Cure, which helps bonds all the separating layers back together, combined with Sally Hansen Miracle Growth which strengthens and aids growth in nails. So by using these two products regularly I hope to restore my nails back to how they were :)

BUT I couldn't leave my nails without a pretty colour :) so I've used NYC In A New York Color Minute Polish in Lincoln Square Lavender. It is a gorgeous colour, gives enough coverage even though I've only used one coat and the best thing about both these products is that they're quick drying! Can't fault 'em!

E x


  1. Saw in your info that your Nigerian.. me too (half).. out of curiosity.. if your american born but london based.. do u speak british or american lol.. sorry im just curious.. x

    1. Lool its okay :)
      I live here and been here permanently since I was like 5 so my accent's slowly faded away :( but I still say some phrases different =/ lol x

  2. I need to try that Miracle Cure polish. My nails are weak! Nice blog!

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