Tuesday, 6 March 2012

REVIEW: Maybelline The Colossal Volum' Express Cat Eyes Mascara

I'm not really someone who'll buy a mascara because the advert claims it'll magically make your lashes grow. I'll buy one because there's a decent deal or I like the look of it. In Maybelline The Colossal Volum' Express Cat Eyes Mascara's case, it was because it was going for around a fiver and I wanted to see the hype. Does it live up to the noise though?

What does it claim to do?
"Our collagen enriched formula and unique “claw” brush flick out and extend the look of lashes at the corners-a fierce look with up to 7x more volume!"

What does it look like?
I love some animal print, and although Maybelline did try with the print, random squiggles aren't good enough! lol. I do love the choice of bright yellow and metallic orange, I'll never lose this in my make-up bag! And the shape is very sturdy which I feel makes the mascara feel a little bit more exclusive and expensive than it really is. I love the packaging.

The brush gives it that extra edge to stand out from other mascaras I have used. It's curved design makes aids the mascara in achieve it's aim by reaching into the corners of the lashes to get that 'feline' look.

I also appreciate the formula of the mascara isn't dry that it would leave my lashes looking 'crispy' but also not so wet that as soon as I blink, it smudges everywhere.

Does it work?


I do think this mascara lives up to it's claims. The corners of my eyelashes have been exaggerated the most to give me that 'cat eye' look and my lashes have been volumised (whether it is actually by 7 times, I do not know). This will definitely be a repurchase for me as it lengthens and volumises,but still allows my lashes to look quite natural.

Do you see the difference? Would you buy this mascara?

E x


  1. Yes, I do notice the difference! Maybelline never fails with their mascara formulas. I might have to give this one a try!

  2. I bought this mascara because I'd finished mine a week before and it was on sale for $10.

    I think it gives me too much length that I don't need. I'm on the hunt for an amazing volumising mascara that won't hurt my bank account too much but I still haven't found it.

    I definitely don't get the same effect as you have! Your lashes are gorgeous. :)

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