Friday, 2 March 2012

The 'Perfect' Nude Lip (Darker Skin Tones)

So, being a dark brown shade with yellow undertones (NC50), I have found it extremly difficult to find a nude shade to compliment my skin tone. I've brought numerous 'nude' lipsticks and lipglosses just to try them out and even asked a MUA @ MAC to match me up with one. The nude she had in mind matched my skintone rather than the beigey nude I was going for. However, I did like it and purchased it. (If your interested, it was 'Taupe' lipstick and 'Spice' lippencil)

I asked her to test Viva Glam 2 on me, as I know it is wearable on darker skin tones after endless youtubing and review reading. The MUA advised me not to get it...but I got it anyway (My money! My rules! Lol) When I got home, I did regret it as I felt it didnt suit me =\ but I've worked with it and hope this post can help you too. So first up...

You need:
A nude lipstick (I used Viva
Glam Gaga 2)
Brown Lippencil (Rimmel Lasting Finsh in Cappuccino)
Lipgloss (MAC Cremesheen in Boy Bait)
Optional: Lipbrush

1) I got my nude lipstick and filled in my lips, but not to the very edge. I then press my lips together to get rid of harsh lines and blend the lipstick more seamlessly towards the edge

2) I then got the lip pencil, which should be a brown shade or one close to your skin tone and defined the shape of my lips. I then gradually brought the pencil more into my lips, going over a little bit of the lipstick, but not too much. Pat lips together, but dont slide.

3) I then put a bit of lipgloss onto my hand and used my lipbrush to apply it to my lips. This helps blend the colours out and gets rid of the 'ashy' look some nudes may give off on darker skin.

Try it out! Hope this help!

E x


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