Monday, 30 January 2012

REVIEW: Broadway Artificial Nail Remover.

Personally I love acrylic nails but I easily start hating them when it comes to getting them off. The fact there is generally no easy or quick way to remove them really grinds my gears. Initially the plan was to get my nails refilled, but I got lazy (and broke lol) so swiftly popped into Superdrug. I've always used Elegant Touch's artificial nail remover, but I felt to try something different so picked up Broadway Artificial Nail Remover which involves sticking your finger in and twisting, as opposed to soaking your hand.

I really expected this product to remove my whole nail within a couple of didnt. Even after soaking and twisting for over 25 minutes (the packaging says don't exceed 20mins) I still have a layers of acrylic on some nails. The endless turning and twisting made my arm ache and this product got extremly messy as the remover inside kept splashing out as I twisted and turned. The whole tub then eventually fell on the floor. Thats like £6 gone to waste...

Long story short...I wouldnt buy again -_-, nor recommend. If I was desperate to use this again, I'd simply refill the tub with the Elegant Touch Remover or do it the old way. Your best bet is to probably return to where you got them done to save time and energy. 

E x

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